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"Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, I thinkith not. Francis Bacon perhaps?

-- John Noble (, November 13, 2002


Thou canst not conjugate thy verbs. You bloody heathen.

-- catherine england (, November 16, 2002.

Catherine, I think he jests. He is still an anus, all the same.

-- Pat Von Doomsday (, November 16, 2002.

Francis Bacon is most certainly not the author of Hamlet! The man who said "knowledge is power" is not the same man who "hey nonny nonnied" his way through poetry. By the bye, I don't think that Kit Marlowe is the author either. And, of course, assuming that Shakespeare did write it -- the story was much older -- thus, the idea was original to none of the possible Renaissance writers of the play.

-- Catherine C. England (, May 24, 2003.

Many of Shakespeare's plays have been questioned on whether they were written by the man himself. I don't think anyone will ever truly know. There is no proof that Shakespeare did not write these plays even though there were many writers in Shakespeare's time. Perhaps what is more important is the fact that Francis bacon made no mention that his Hamlet creation was stolen......lets face it, Shakespeare was no legend in Elizabethan time....he was just a poet and playwright amoung a huge list of others. If there was any serious question of integrity in Shakespeare's plays would they be taught in schools? Perhaps the only way of knowing if Shakespare really wrote these plays is viewing them in contrast to each other, each with the same beautifully flowing words and soliloquies. I doubt Francis Bacon could could have written such work.

-- Karen (, August 23, 2003.

It's all to do with snobbery. Delia Bacon who first popularized the notion that Sir Francis Bacon wrote the plays said the man from Stratford was a “stupid, ignorant, third-rate player.” He was a butcher boy, his father killed calves and skinned them from gloves.

And yet Marlowe's father was a cobbler; Ben Jonson's father was a bricklayer and look what plays they wrote! Perhaps it IS possible...

-- Gene Gordon (, December 11, 2003.

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