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we took out a morgage in 1990 for 68,000 but unfortunately due to changes i our circumstances we were repossessed in feb 1995. we were then put in to council accomadation and two years later we recieved a letter from this company called evershds who told us that they were taking over the dept for abbey national and we had to pay up,we did not respond to this letter or a couple of others sent because we was in no situation to pay any amount, and then one day we got a phone call from evershed telling us we had to pay, we said there was no way they could have any money from us and the very abrupt lady said they will have to take us to court then and we said go ahead cause even the court cant get money from us if we havent got any. we never heard another word from them and we eventually moved to a housing acommadation property and have lived there for a few years now when we got a letter from eversheds about two months ago today (todays date 14/11/2002) we again ignored it and another came and we ignored it and then to day i picked up the phone to be told that it was eversheds on the phone and the man said that they have wrote to us and i said i havent recieved any letters and he said that we cant sweep the dept under the carpet , we have to pay and that abbey have been willing to reduce it by 50% if we can come to an agreement or it could be less if we pay a lump sum, i cant understand where they could of got our new adress from and especially our phone number. we have not made any written contact with them at all since we were repossessed 7 years and 9 months ago and are not in any possition to get any lump sum together or can neither afford to pay any out a month, we dont have enough coming in to cover our outgoings as it is now , can anyone help us as to where to go now, the man from eversheds told us that he was sending an expenditure form out that we have to fill out and that we have to send it back along with an offer to them. do we do this? if i have to make an offer what is the least amount they could except? i really dont know what to do and have got a stinking headache from worry so plese if anyone could help as soon a poss i will really appreciate it. thanks

-- dont want o say (, November 12, 2002

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