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In a new 60 bed nursing home application , 2 elevators serving 3 floors of 17,500 sf each, 13' floor to floor - is there a reason NOT to use the cheaper holeless elevator rather than a cylinder model? - Schlindler is the brand we are considering

-- William Ware (bware@msconst.com), November 12, 2002


Assuming that hydraulic elevators are suitable for the application and that the other specifications (as to size, speed, etc.) are suitable and that the holeless design does not involve telescoping sections, the answer is "NO".

-- John Brannon (akaelevman@aol.com), November 12, 2002.

Holeless hydraulic elevator

William, I agree with Mr. Brannon's comments. I would like to add that you may want to ask Schindler if their equipment is non-proprietary?

Proprietary equipment may be less money to install, but how much will it cost you when only one or maybe two companies can work on it?


-- Jon (jkh824@aol.com), November 13, 2002.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Holeless Hydraulic The Holeless Hydraulic system eliminates the need for either a well hole or buried piping. The best application for the Holeless product is most any 2-story building with less than 14' of travel from one floor to the other.

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Its above-ground Holeless configuration responds effectively to the risk of soil and groundwater contamination, and greatly reduces environmental concerns. This package-type unit is most practical for those 2-story buildings where handicap access is required.

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The Gen2 systems electro-magnetic filter eliminated interference with the buildings other electrical system.

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-- Dan W (danotis@aol.com), March 12, 2003.

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