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Chicken was attacked by a racoon.Only injury, sign of limp, one week later very sick. What I thought happened is the racoon actually bit it and it got an infection which went systemic. Had watery green poop for a week, and wouldn't eat for one day. Gave antibiotic. Chicken over a month later now on the mend, even walking better, but it's feathers are falling out, I beleive new ones coming in. I kept in garage in a box while on the mend.It comes to door every night and I still put it in garage as other chicken likes to pick on it, but I know feathers are not being picked out by other chicken.

-- Annette DuCharme (, November 11, 2002


It's probably molting so be sure to give her some extra protein. Catfood is really good during those times. Just a small handful will go along way. When you feel comfortable with the chicken's health and ready to put it back in with the others, do it at night so they don't notice it so readily. Best to you!

-- Doreen (, November 11, 2002.

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