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Here is the full article in the UK superbike mag on the comparison between a Senna, Ducati 998 and a Tornado.

Click here for the article! (zip file)

These images are thanks to Peter Hughes. Thanks Mate!

I have reduced the overall size and put them in a single ZIP file (1.47 MB) for you all to download.

Regards and happy reading!!!

-- Robert McCaskie (, November 10, 2002


Thanks Robert! :D

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, November 10, 2002.

Thanks for sending that on. Its a great read

-- Scott Krane (, November 10, 2002.

Their review of the Tornado sound reminiscent to the F4S' review, when it first came out. Underpowered, fuel-injection problems, etc. Perhaps Benelli also needs a year or two to workout the bugs.

In regards to horsepower, I think their chart on file name "DEC 13" is incorrect. It shows the Senna with 128hp (which I'll assume is rear wheel). However, for the 998R, it's listed as 134hp. On Ducati's site, it list the 999 as 124 and 999S as 136hp.

You know, all of a sudden, I've gotten the itch (you know, the one that takes an impractical purchase to scratch it) for a 999 and a Tornado. I mean, you'll never know when you may be faced with a situation where you may need a v-twin, line-in four, or a triple,right? I just want to have all the bases covered. Yes, all the bases covered. Now if it only wasn't for the budget. :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, November 11, 2002.

Happy you enjoyed my scans that I placed in yahoogroups, I have seen it already as zip and PDF format conversions in duc forums as well. File Names and scan stripes aside show they are the originals!


-- hb (, November 11, 2002.


-- .. (, November 11, 2002.

i have a GSXR-1300 with dyno work done to it. it does 2o8mph. its very fast.

-- BEN ELLIOT DOVER (, November 04, 2003.

i have a hayabusa with more dyno work and it does 209mph. now that's fast

-- dude (, February 19, 2005.

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