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I am looking for details on the Hayne yard in Spartanburg. I would like to build a layout cenered around the yard. I live in the area and remember some about it, mainly from the outside, but not enough to model it. I would appreciate any info or sources for the info that anyone may have. I worked on a Southern Bell crew that rebuilt the old telephone toll line that ran through the yard, remember it well! Thanks, Al Erwin

-- Al Erwin (, November 10, 2002


This link will take you to a satelite view, but there's no detail. t=1&s=11&x=1025&y=9679&z=17&w=2

-- David Blackwell (, December 30, 2002.

i am a conductor on that yard. What would you like to know? Main yard is 15 tracks wide plus the north bound,south bound,docks track,asheville main, bug lead, bug run around, rip track, main wye, derrick track, hostler lead, sand house and main line 1 and 2. the west yard has numbers 5 thru 11 that we use every day plus 4 field track that some older cars are stored in, including two of the old tobacco cars, also the wash track where some junk cars are stored. the old shop doesn't have much left. five "coal pile" tracks and some oil house tracks. Now there is a scrap yard that just opened up in the west end of the old shop and they get cars pretty regular

-- allen (, September 17, 2003.

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