Q fans on SD40-2

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Did any of Southern's SD40-2's have the "Q" fan?

-- Marty Flick (Golddenim@insight.rr.com), November 09, 2002


Not likely, I believe the Q fans were introduced on the GP50 series of locomotives. They were designed to reduce noise and this was accomplished in part with their blade arrangement.

-- JD Santucci (thetuch7@earthlink.net), May 08, 2003.

None of Southern's were delivered with them, but NS(N&W) 6189-6207 have Q-fans

-- Robb Fisher (robbfisher@hotmail.com), January 07, 2004.

Yes! Some of the final orders i believe (after 1975) had Q-fans. And more correctley the N&W units were phase one SD40-2's with Three brake cylenders per truck instead of two,and "chickenwire" grilles(instead of the later "Corrugated"ones)

GGS :)

-- Gabe Scotto (amtrak001@yahoo.com), October 17, 2004.

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