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I'm sure this question might have been asked before, I apologize for not taking the time to look through all the questions, forgive me. So the question is does anybody know where I can go to get a schematic for the Mini Steadicam, not the steadicam Jr. I'm talking about the Mini Steadicam with the balance arm and vest. Anyone, anyone? Buller? Anyone?

I thank you in advance.

-- Amon Nakprasert (, November 08, 2002


Not sure but you could try this site:

-- greg hasson (, March 01, 2003.

hey bud, as far as a heavier camera like the xl1s or dv500 im not sure , but for a smaller handheld or even up to a Panasonic 24p look at this web site I made one and it actually works suprisingly well.

-- Bryan Ramirez (, October 27, 2003.

Yes, actually I've made a few. Each version being better & lighter than the previous. The're not easy to make at all, but after a lot of trial and error my latest model works great. I will put together some photos & instructions for it first chance I get. But like I said: They're not easy to make.

-- Amato D'Apolito (, August 13, 2004.

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