Where can I buy flutes in the US?

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I am interested in buying carnatic style flutes, please contact me if u have any details.

I am also interested in buying any basic books

-- Sujit (11/07/2002) (gsujit@hotmail.com), November 08, 2002


Try these 2 places! Ali Akbar College of Music" 215, West End Ave, San Rafael CA 94901 Ph: (415) - 454 -0581

"Bazaar of India Imports" 1810, University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94703 Ph: (510) - 548-4110 Fax: (510) - 548-1115

-- angle (rescue@yahoo.com), November 08, 2002.


-- angle (rescue@yahoo.com), November 08, 2002.

hello , i saw a advertisement in the web .i am a flutist and sales the bamboo flutes last 8 years .my family is a base of karnatic music s i ave the 25 students in chennai. my native is in (near by thiruaiaru ,the great karnatic musician, one of the father music srimath.thiyagaraja swamigal.the flutes are international level quality and the cost of the flute is low,because this is not a business the is the service .my garand fathers father,my grandfather,father all are musicians,my teacher is my uncle srimath.raghu sir.the flutes sales means day today more persons willbe saled.but the quality of the flute ??? but my flutemeans they have a special quality and a blowing sound means they give a realx of heart and give a good strength of the total body inside and out side .ok then the flutes are two types of me single set (12 flutes),another one is double set(24flutes)in that particular box.ok and the price of each flute is 48usdollars to200us dollars(48$-200$) if u want means plse contact ,this is value of flute only not for profit ok see u plse contact this mail add paakran143@yahoo.co.in see u best wishes delivery assured within 15days after payment for further details plse contact that one .thanks.

-- sri.r prabakaran (paakran143@yahoo.co.in), November 27, 2002.

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