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Some time ago, one of our collegues suggested that we should make an inventory of field experience. Here is mine.

I ride an F4 model 2001 since 2 years : -valve clearence was checked at 3000 km : clearances were ok (inlet 15 to 25 and exhaust 25 to 35) -had to change tires every 7000 km for rear tire and 14000 km for front tire) -had to change the chain and sprockets after 18 000 km. -changed the oil (AGIP as specified) every 10 000 km. The oil level did drop by 3 mm in between changes. -had to change the front brake calipers due to air in-leak and soft braking. A problem I had from the beginning, but it took some time before Agusta reacted. -had to replace the front discs after 15 000 km (garantee) because they were severely bent outside and worked like springs.I got the new design ones which are al ot thicker and also a lot better in braking. -now on 30 000 km, second check of the valve clearances. Only 1 exhaust valve was out of the limits (18) of all valves. -no problems with water, fuel or oil leaks. -had to replace the front wheel bearings. They were not really gone, but while balancing, the resistance was too high and you could feel like the grease had grown too hard. My dealer replaced them with SKF bearings of a higher class but at half price of the original ones.

The bike is still in perfect condition. According to my dealer, who sold over 30 MV's this is not the case with all his customers. He mentions that thé important point for the bike is to warm up the motor sufficiently before going into the higher revs.

I consider myself not as a professional racer but I am not afraid of using the bike for what is designed for.

I had recently a small but annoying accident. I had put Teflon spray grease on the outside of the rear wheel stand (black plastic bushing), because I found it too difficult to turn the wheel for greasing the chain. Then when I turned the wheel for greasing the chain, the bike fell of the stand against a wall and I broke the handle of the front brakes. It could have been worse, SO NEVER PUT TEFLON GREASE ON THE STAND because your bike wil slide off the stand while turning the wheel !!! The problem I have is that I had to buy a complete new pump for the front brakes as you can not buy the handle seperately from Nissin. This is not correct. So if some one needs a pump, I have a spare one.

For the rest, after having had : RC30, DUC996, the MV did not disappoint me for the moment.

Regards to all


-- Patrick Maes (, November 07, 2002


I have a same issue with clutch handle. Dealer looked it up in the computer and has ordered only the lever although it has not appeared yet. I know another dealer who has the complete handle as well but cost me a lot more. Don't know what to do yet! Still able to ride though


-- hb (, November 08, 2002.

I recently broke a clutch lever. I called Farracci (215-657-1276)and got a replacment in four days. The price was 87.50 for the lever only. Good luck, Tim

-- Tim Anglim (, November 08, 2002.

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