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1. What did you think of Hoover as a president? 2. What did you think of FDR as president? 3. Who or what did you feel was most responsible for the Great Depression? 4. What were the major hardships suffered by your family during the depression? 5. What do you remember as being the worst aspect of life during the depression? 6. What do you remember as being the best aspect of life during the depression? 7. Which groups of people did you feel sorriest for during the depression? 8. Were there any people or agencies that helped make life easier for you or your family during the depression? 9. What did you do for entertainment during the depression? 10. What did you think of FDR's New Deal programs? 11. Were you or your family personally affected by any of the New Deal programs? 12. Do you think that living through the depression made a difference in the rest of your life? If so, what difference did it make? (These questions are for my american history project. I need answers from people who actually lived in the Great Depression. Please answer the questions and email the answers to me.)

-- Alex Marinich (, November 06, 2002


YO! i have they same project that u hvae here they same exact questions. Would u minds sharing ur answers w/ me PLZZZZZ

-- Danny Devoll (, January 12, 2004.

I feel soory for the poor people

-- Joe Peters (, January 26, 2004.

you spelled have wrong and others wrong from an 8th grader i know that honor is spelled wrong thats all they had left was honer sorry i was no help im doing what u r doing !!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Mai (, January 27, 2004.

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-- Malikeye Haltinew (Malikeye@lantula.feliow), January 30, 2004.

theres a grey tuesday...THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!

-- bob (, March 01, 2004.

I'm lookin' for someone too and my project is due this wed. March 3rd..please respond asap. The interviewed seniors' will be published in a book of recognition and honor. thank you!

-- Amanda Mayes (, March 01, 2004.

ya thats cool man . the great depression rocks my world. but by the way u sound in your little question thing u sound hot. so what are you doing later tonight. well whatever it is email me maybe i can join you

-- JOhn Robert Stuyvenberg (, March 04, 2004.

i like my me becuz u stole my project idea and i 2 want ur answers...luv me

-- Sandra Ethel Xania (, March 19, 2004.

fuck you all

-- missy (, May 04, 2004.

okay i have the same project and would all yall just stop playing around and come up with some real answers i only got 1 day left HELLPPP MMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!

-- Elizabeth Grandeberry (, February 13, 2005.

Sucks to be you huh? Serves ya right for leaving your project to the last minute. I have this project myself, but it's not due for another 3 weeks. Mine has to be 12 pages also. Like I said, sucks to be you for being real stupid. I hope you fail!

-- AeN (, February 15, 2005.

haha thats too funny! i have the same assignment and it sucks...we were supposed to interview someone from the Great Depression and we had 2 weeks to do it. ((I didnt hehe)) now we're just lookin stuff up and writing a report on it...BORING! its due friday...Good luck ya'll on ur work! ((haha!!))

-- MiChAeLa (, February 15, 2005.


-- tanja Denise Dungee (, March 02, 2005.

I'm lookin' for someone too and my project is due this wed. 3-7- 05 ..please respond asap. The interviewed seniors' will be published in a book of recognition and honor. thank you!

-- Dustin Rogers (, March 07, 2005.

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