halifax & their threats( the story so far)

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dear all, just thought i'd write to let you know how things are(not) progressing with the Hali*%*,after losing in court to the sum of 60,000 we have made three offers all refused, the second offer refusal stated that if we bankrupted ourselves, then halifax would strenuously defend this in court ( an official reciever has told that that is not the case and sounded very much like a threat) the third refusal stated that, and i quote'whilst a bankruptcy term only lasts for 3 years, an imcome payment order can be mad by the o/r which extends for a longer period ( another fact that i have been told is incorrect, they can only extend if we were in breach of the order in the first place)... so just beware the halifax are still continuing to threaten us,just who the hell do they think they are....... sadly I am not the type of person who is going to I'd rather be bankrupt....then let them try and get 60k from me...

amanda b

-- amanda b (amandab1@blueyonder.co.uk), November 06, 2002

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