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I have no problem producing small image transfers, but now that I'm trying 8 x 10s, I have had a few successes in between a lot of failures. I'd like to know (so I can judge my level), on average, how may bad prints does it take each of you to get a good one? Thanks!

-- Leslie Parker (, November 04, 2002


about $500.00. sorry leslie, I couldn't resist. Its just that I read your post and chuckled, remembering how many 4X5 sheets of film I burned before I got the type 59's to turn out ... box after box, after box. remember? I'll be interested in the responses to this thread, too because I have been throwing around thoughts about 8X10, but the expense? I'll just put 4 - 4X5's together in collage for a while I guess. good luck. bill

-- Bill Kennedy (, November 06, 2002.

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