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I am practicing a piece in which there are finger markings I am not familiar with: 51, the '5' and '1' next to each other over one note (right hand). Can someone please tell me what this means? Perhaps I am supposed to hit the note with my fifth finger and then jump with my hand to hit the next note, which is higher, with my thumb? It is an awkward phrase because of continuous jumps of thirds or fourths upward, and the only alternative to the above scenario would be to cross my thumb under my third finger over a leap of a fourth, which is difficult. Can someone please help me? Thankyou.

-- Greg M. (, November 04, 2002


When there are two finger numbers next to each other above the same note, it indicates that you should first strike the note with the first indicated finger (5) and while holding the key down, replace that finger with the second number (thumb). This way, your hand is in position to keep moving up the keyboard without any awkward motion. hope that helps!

-- Rob (, November 05, 2002.

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