6 or 12 years - still confused

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I cannot get my head around these 6 or 12 year rules.

This is how I understand it, can someone put me straight please? If I am right, please tell and if I am wrong, put me right!

First question - where is the interest charged, is this between repossession and sale?

If no mortgage deed - they have 6 years to trace whole debt, including capital, interest, and MIG payout?

If there IS a mortgage deed - they have 12 years to chase capital and MIG payout, but interest is 6 years?

Where do costs come into these rules? 6 or 12 years?

Council of Mortgage Lenders have agreed to commence chasing debt before 6 years, or drop the claim. If they have already written to you before 6 years, they can then harrass you for another 6 years.

If you offer any sums of money, each letter starts the 6 or 12 year date rolling again, in which case they can chase until the year 2003 (if you happen to live that long)?

My head hurts.


-- One Angry Mother (madcow678@hotmail.com), November 04, 2002

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