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IM from the southside of chicago sum of them stay thug out but sum of these fake ass nigga alway tring to act hard when I come around thay be on sum stunten ass shit,And sum of these wanta be's need to start doing what thay say thay go do, like when we say we gone hit a lick thay talk about it but when the day come thay start acthen like thay an't about the shit no more so where are my real niggas.

-- RICKY MCMAHON (, November 04, 2002


Yo s'up with that. Lets keep it real y'all thas all he's jivin' man!

-- Danny the D (, November 05, 2002.

keepin it real ..... alwasys

-- (IRL@im.keeping it in my hand), December 10, 2002.

Thugs, lol, lol, hahahahaha, give me a break, shut the fuck up, i've prob been through the same shit, if not more than some stupid thug, but i'm real, yall out there sayin that ima a thug, lol, stupid man. And i'm white, so i cant be a thug, haha, holla

-- Shit, this cracks me up!!! (, June 25, 2003.

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