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I will be in Galveston for a conference planning meeting next week (11/7-10), and would like to get a little Gulf Coast rowing in.

Does anyone know if there are boats available for hire in the area?



-- Kent Diebolt (, November 03, 2002


Hello Kent, Good news and bad. Good first! I have the identical interest as you-open water sculling off of the texas coast. Unfortunately I have no answers and it looks like I am to late for your travel date. Bottom Line: I am a novice sculler, interested in the same issue you are. This is more of a request than the response you were looking for. Did you get any good info in regard to open water sculling off of texas coast? I am looking to puchase a boat for that exact purpose. Any info that you may have received would be of great appreciation. Thank you, Nick

-- Nick Evans (, February 02, 2005.

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