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This question is open towards everyone. However, I'd be interest to hear how some of our "old timers" (early 2000) owners are doing with their MVs. How long and how many miles? Any reliabilty problems? Service costs? Is the inital joy of ownership still there! :)

As for me, I've had my albino bi-posto '02 for 8 months now and it's 2,700 miles old. Bike has worked like a charm. Only problem was a fuel leak due to a broken coupling that occured about two months ago. Initial service w/ valve adjust was $320. Other than that, its been dead reliable, even in the Arizona heat. I also use it once a week to commute to work.

Overall, its held together much better than the crashed 2000 red/silver one (rest in pieces). However, I do miss the find myself missing the red/silver color scheme.

In retrospect, it's still the only motorcycle I really want to have. :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (agibbs996@aol.com), November 02, 2002


Not an old timer but...

I picked out my Silver monoposto in December of 2001. I've had a couple of exhaust springs disappear, an occasional fan fuse to blow, and the weld on the crossover on the exhaust separated (replacing under warrantee). She uses no oil and I just about have the coolant level figured out. I tend to run with waterwetter in the system due to occasional track days.

This year I've had her on track at Roebling Road across two days for over 460 miles and twice at Carolina Motorsport for about 280 miles. She loves the wide open sweep of a nice track. She simply cannot be ridden on public streets the way she was made to be ridden.

Two trips this year proved she can travel. I went to the last round of the AMA season at VIR and a five day romp through the heart of western North Carolina and up into West Virginia. 300 to 350 mile days on many old favorite roads and the MV just howled her approval.

The weather is turning so we are for all intents and purposes done of the year. Though I ride year round, the bulk of cold weather would make the ride on the MV a certain chore. So she will finish her first year well run-in, 740+ miles of track work, a bit of traveling, and all told 5700 miles of some of the most fun I've yet to have on a bike.

I could not be happier with my little silver italiana.


-- Scot Hennon (Mooresville,NC) (smhennon@alltel.net), November 03, 2002.

Proud original owner of a 2000 with the serial number ending in the 140's. Only 3500 miles (it's my occasional Sunday morning ride). No problems other than a melted fairing (replaced under warranty). Love the bike dearly, for me it's a personal statement about my appreciation for Italian motorcyle design. I want to keep this one forever!

-- Chris Eden (biospeck@mindspring.com), November 03, 2002.

My 01 Strada has 16500 miles on it and aside from an early problem with the clamp on the fuel line, haven't had any problems with it (know on wood).

My 02 Senna purchased in late June has 4100 miles, but it was in the shop for a total of almost six weeks with an electrical problem. It was blowing fuses after long rides. Got it back a couple of weeks agian but as the weather has gotten cooler now haven't had a chance to put in a long day to test it (alternator was changed)

-- TP (tpoole@xnet.com), November 03, 2002.

Second hand 2000 F4s 1+1. Bought it 8 months ago, had only 600 kilometers on it !!!! It has now done 6000km including track days and it's run like a dream. A loose earth-lead and rear brake caliper needed bleeding.....the only hint of trouble. Love the bike, love it. Just fitted a new set of Michelin Pilots for summer.


-- Pete Hughes (huehuey@ozemail.com.au), November 04, 2002.

Bought my F4S new in May 2000. About 6000 miles on it now. Had rear shock replaced, damping adjuster fell apart. All the heat shields fell out of the fairing, coolant leaked up until this summer, I just think it got low enough to stop... Had a new wiring loom and alternator. Back brake has been constantly bled, and also a new master cylinder, but still doesn't work. Throttle sticks open intermittently - good for riding with no hands, I suppose. Left hand pair of exhausts dropped and broke the support bracket when the bolts fell out. Then one of the right hand silencers fell off. Last thing to happen was the sidestand cut-out switch falling off whilst caning it one Sunday. That bought proceedings to a sharp halt. Everything was done under warranty, but quite a few things have gone wrong.Engine has been fine though, and yes, I have always had regular servicing at reputable MV dealers. Trouble is, the bike is so gorgeous I would never get rid of it. Mind you, I have just read the Senna test in Superbike magazine....

-- David Stephens (david_stephens@storagetek.com), November 04, 2002.

Ha ha, an STK guy. I'm a competitor in some respects...

Allan, I just got done with my first track day on the MV and I'll be writing up some notes. Some if it is applicable to this.


-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), November 04, 2002.

My 2000 MV had a number of problems, all fixed under warranty...broken fuel QD fitting, crimped fuel pump o-ring, shattered headlight bucket(while it was resting in my hand), damaged fuel pump seal(apparently dirt and water got in during rain riding), broken fuel injector(this is a common problem as it has just happened during routine service on my 2002 and requires purchase of throttle body with injector, so be very careful if you have to pull them), melted and cracked lower fairing due to heat shield separation, and finally(not covered under warranty), destruction of front end due errant, myopic suv driver pulling out in front at last possible moment. This was, however, covered under her insurance and I got my 2002 free and clear. I wouldn't recommend this as a way to get a new bike, fortunately I was not injured so was able to continue riding. I had 14,000 miles on my 2000 including several outings with Keith Code's superbike school. I've had my 2002 since Feb and have logged 7500 miles with no probs till this fuel injector. Apparantly a lot of dirt can get past the air filter to the throttle bodies. My mechanic recommends not riding in the rain so much, what am I to do...it rains a lot in Houston. I think I will always have one of these wonderful machines, especially in red/silver.

Colin Asekun, Houston TX

-- Colin Asekun (ckasekun@kingwoodcable.net), November 09, 2002.

It was the rain that caused my alternator to fail... My local dealer asked if I had ridden it in the rain, and suggested it was my fault for doing so initially. Soon turned that one round ! It rains a lot over here in the UK too, so what chance do you have ? Looking at it another way, you can own the best looking motorbike in the world, and have endless hilarious discussions with your local dealers when something else falls off or stops working... What other bikes give you so much ?

-- David Stephens (david_stephens@storagetek.com), November 11, 2002.

Andy and David - Looks like another Tape Library guy is joining the MV club.

Just bought a 2000 F4 today in Portland Oregon, and planning to have it shipped down to San Diego. In looking for an option to the insanely expensive MV TI exhaust pricing I discovered this site and have been reading all kinds of interesting tidbits.

Anyway - in answer to original post - the bike I bought has 7500 miles, originally bought new and serviced at MotoCorsa. Chain, sprocket just replaced, water pump replaced at 3000 miles, and it's 2nd set of tires are on their last legs. Rear section paint is slightly discolored above the stock exhaust. Dealer records show nothing else, so I hope I don't experiance any of David's issues.

Even though the bike was in Portland, I doubt the owner did much riding in the rain. Either way, this MV will probably never see another rain day, given the typical southern california weather I have to suffer thru.

I have a 01 Mille R, 98 Bimota SB6R and a 95 Duc 900 ssp, so look for one of these bikes on EBAY soon. Probably the Ducati.

cheers Mark Allen ( Orange County, Ca ) Western Region Sales Manager Overland Storage

-- mark allen (markallen3@cox.net), March 05, 2003.

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