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what were the terminals for the nancy hanks passenger train

-- tim oleary (, November 02, 2002


After Atlanta Terminal Station closed, the Nancy Hanks operated out of the Southern office building at 99 Spring Street until the end. This was across Mitchell Street from the Terminal Station. The train used a short platform behind the office building.


-- Frank Greene (, November 03, 2002.

Tim The Nancy Hanks II began operation on July 17, 1947 and ran from Savannah Ga.(Central's Station) to Atlanta (Terminal Station), and then returned to Savannah with stops in between. The tain lasted until the C of Ga. (Southern) joined Amtrak. A typical time frame was: Leave Savannah 7:30 AM, Lv Macon 11:25 AM, Arrive Atlanta 1:30 PM, Leave Atlanta 6:00PM, LV Macon 8:05PM, Arrive Savannah 11:55PM. These times changed slightly over the years. Hope this helps you out.

-- william jones (, November 02, 2002.

The station in Macon at 5th and Cherry Street, The statation in Forsyth is across the street from the former Tift College. The Barnesville station is at the north end of the yard, adjacent to th right hand curve in the track. And, the Atlanta station was across the street from the Post Office and Rich's. I don't know where the others were.

-- Carl Anderson (, November 02, 2002.

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