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Can insurance premiums be added to a shortfall claim. The Halifax have added over 2,000.00 for insurance of building and contents and also payment protection.

The payment protection was cancelled in 1994 but they are still asking for payment of just under 500.00. The building and contents insurance ran until the property was repossessed in August 1999, surely any monthly payments made would have included the premium payment. The way the figues add up it looks as if they have added the insurance premiums in full, surely something would have been paid. I just cannot work this out.

Oh. also the Halifax are asking me to provide copies of paperwork sent to me through a SARN issued to them so they can have a look at their own paperwork before they can answer one of my questions.

-- Christine Singleton (, November 02, 2002


Hi Christine,

What documents are they asking for exactly, and what was your specific question to them which they cannot answer?? Please don't send any sarn'd stuff back to them just yet.


-- (, November 03, 2002.

Hi Christine,

I found your post very interesting, because it would appear that the Halifax have added a few numbers onto the figures they are telling me I owe too. I shall have a close look at things like insurance premiums once I get the results of my SARN.

Just for your information, they are 500 odd quid out on their costs and the figures they have quoted for the MIG they are chasing 'on behalf of the insurers' (nudge nudge), is 3000 over the premium payout of the MIG! It would appear the Halifax want to pay their insurers back more money than they paid out, ah aren't they nice!


-- one angry mother (, November 04, 2002.

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