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I just wanted to let you guys know that I saw a genuine ACL tender on the back of a truck as I was coming down I-26 between Hendersonville, NC and Spartanburg, SC yesterday (10-31-02). Does anyone know anything about this? I'm a Southern man myself, but I nearly broke my neck turning around to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. If none of you have heard anything about this, I figured I would let you know so you could go on the hunt to find out more about it. However, if someone knows about it already, please e-mail me about it to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks y-all!

-- Brandon Housewright (, November 01, 2002


I visited the Wilmington museum in early October and no work on #250 was in progress at that time although much was needed.

-- scott young (, November 05, 2002.

According to local paper, Dodd's Specialty Machine & Repair Service out of Dillboro will be doing the work over the next six to eight months.


If true then this would explain what has to be one of the stranger sightings in the annals of the ACL. Brandon did you or anyone else get a photo of the tender on the truck? Richard do you know if the engine itself has already been completed, or if not then when will it be?

-- Larry Goolsby (, November 01, 2002.

This was probably the tender of ACL 4-6-0 Copperhead #250 from the Wilmington RR Museum in Wilmington, NC. #250 has been displayed outside since donation in the 1970s and is undergoing a much needed cosmetic restoration at the Great Smoky Mountains Railway in Dillsboro, NC.

-- richard lasater (, November 01, 2002.

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