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Hi guys,

Just got the 600 mile service done on my 02' F4S. The dealer while doing the work told me there are signs of coolent leak. He told me to keep a look out for the coolent level. The dealer is a good 90 miles from where I live. Before I left the shop the coolent level was a little over the midpoint between Min / Max of the container. I remembered to check it the next day after I got back. It is now way below the Min point. So I guess it is leaking but there are no signs of it on the floor. I haven't removed the fairing. The dealer told me that it needs to be fixed and to call him to get it done under warranty. I need to give him a call.

It is really frustrating that such a nice expensive piece of machine leaks coolent after only about 600 miles. My 00 RSV Mille hasn't had a glitch after 6000 miles. Just a little frustrated thats all.

Now for the question. What coolent do you guys put in the bike? Where do you get it? What is the easiest way to add coolent? Has anyone else had the same issue? I guess considering the level it is at I need to add some before riding it down to the dealer again.

OK. Hope to get you guys' thoughts on this.


- Asok

-- Asok Boopathy (, October 31, 2002



Losing coolant is a very very common problem; these bikes all run very hot as soon as you drop to below about 50mph (in the summer)and can then boil a bit; I don't worry unless the level falls below the minimum mark.

Most people tend to notice a puddle under the bike when they park it; I prevent this by stopping the engine but turning the ignition back on until the fan stops; it shouldn't be necessary as most bikes are wired to do this all by themselves.

To top up, us a good quality anti-freeze mixed 50:50 with distilled water. Remove the ignition switch cover (two little screws) and the expansion bottle is accessible.

Of course, having said all the above, there have been instances of the water pump needing replacing such as happened to me, but I think that's quite rare.

Hope this helps.


-- Ralph Goldstein (, October 31, 2002.

I have the feeling this may be a common problem with these bikes. My Senna had the water pump seals replaced at the first service. I had never seen a leak on the garage floor or a drop in the coolant level but the mechanic pointed out what clearly was coolant on the inner lower fairing when he pulled the panels to do the service. It turned too cold too quickly here to get enough miles on it since the work was done to know if it's been fixed for good. I had several emails on this after posting my experience on this site. So, again, this may be a common problem.

-- Dave B (, October 31, 2002.

Also a problem on my 2001 F4S with 3000 miles on the clock. Leak eminates from behind pump through the "tell-tale" hole at the bottom of the casing. Alarming sign is the blue coolant collecting at the bottom of the left hand fairing. Although I haven't had it fixed it hasn't been a problem as coolant levels are still acceptable and leaks only happen under extreme conditions. Was this ever a Recall issue or just something that was fixed under normal warranty work? Is it something that HAS to be done or can we live with it? Any thoughts?



-- Graham Herbertson, Nottingham (, October 31, 2002.

I had similiar problems with my Senna. I had the seals replaced under warranty, but after another 1000kms, the problem started again, and they replaced the entire water pump. This seems to have stopped the problem. All done under warranty.

-- Robert Mccaskie (, October 31, 2002.

Greetings All- My 2000 model F4S is going into the dealer this week for the brake caliper and oil filter recall/update. The water pump is showing signs of leaking after being replaced this past spring. I to suspect the problem is due to excessively hot coolant temperatures, 200F and up. My guess is that the seal used for the water pump may not handle the additional pressure very well. My warranty runs out this December. I also suspect I will be disassembling the pump WHEN it starts leaking again to research a proper solution. I don't believe the leak will cause any short term problems and perhaps the solution is to keep the coolant temperature below 200F. I for one would like to research a thermostat or thermo fan switch solution to help keep the temperature lower, around 180-190F. Any thoughts?

-- Tim W (, October 31, 2002.

For Asok: My bike almost always will boil off water if there is more than the min mark. It's just what happens out here in the desert. Since it's getting cooler it may not boil over so much now though.

Steve sold me the engine ice I put in there, and he even told me all the steps and what's involved in changing it. It wasn't too difficult, but it's not something for the amateur either. I think Steve would be happy to change it for you. You could flush it with clear water and then put in the engine ice, but I learned that draining the coolant with the screw on the water pump housing only drains maybe slightly more than half of the coolant. If you flush with clear water you are going to have a lot of it left in there. You aren't supposed to cut down engine ice with water either. I suppose it wouldn't hurt too much though.

For the post above: I just put engine ice in my bike, and I've noticed a change. I can't say for sure what it is since the weather is very much cooler here lately, however, if I had to guess it would be about 15 degrees F cooler. BUT, I also put thermal wrap on the headers when I had the radiators off to change the coolant. That seems to have made quite a large difference in how much heat is coming off the headers in that area, so that probably helps quite a bit as well.

-- Andy Ruhl (, November 01, 2002.

Thanks a bunch guys for your thoughts. I am taking the bike in most likely next week to get this fixed under warranty. Hopefully it will hold up good after that.


- Asok

-- Asok Boopathy (, November 15, 2002.

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