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I have been following this site for some time, therefore I am fairly familiar with who says what etc, I believe a few of you a predictable and need to change your approach a bit, Joy, this includes you. You may be trying to help people but you also have to consider that some of you MUPPETS have brought this on yourselves.

Next time pay your mortgage instead of going down the PUB!

Please accept my apologies if you were repossessed as a result of genuine bad luck


-- Andy (, October 31, 2002


I don't find that many people on this site complains that they had their house repo’d. As some understand, hard it may be, that the lender has right too. I concur with you that people should pay their mortgages but it is rarely that simple. A bad business dealing, an injury or being made redundant can alter a person’s life so much that in the mean time they have lost their house before they get back on track.

You are the Muppet, for not understanding what people are actually saying here. It is the Banks & Building Societies that conceal the debt until a later date and were not completely honest in the first place. I agree with you that if someone owed money to the bank then you should pay it, this is not always a simple case here. Banks charge unreasonable charges, and sell the property for less than it is worth leaving one person to pick up the tab the debtor. Bare in mind that they had little say in the sale of the property and are, by default, in a large debt which they have no management of once repossessed.

A little compassion would not go a miss from you or any other worker in the banking sector. I have not been repo’d but it is fair that I help others to know their rights under law. Something the banks and their solictors fail to do.

Oh and another trick they play, is ringing relatives up and so YOU and involve you in the whole mess. Another would be to upset your friend relative so much that they have a nervous breakdown. Leaving you to pick up the piece (which really we could all do without).

Yours with no sincerity


-- Geoff Winters (, October 31, 2002.

Oh Andy. If only you knew what it was like to lose your home. Going down the pub instead of paying a mortgage? I don't think so, not with kids to feed. You see that's where I was clearly a muppet. I fed and clothed my children and worked my arse off at a job I had to give up because I got repossessed when my marriage failed. Silly me, I should have gone on the chat and made you pay for my benefits through your taxes. Was my situation genuine bad luck? Who knows, but it doesn't make me or the next person any more or less worthy of equitable treatment by the Lenders. That's all most of us want.

-- Too scared to say (, November 01, 2002.

Andy ... thanks mate

just to add my side, I was thrown from the marital home during a domestic. I let the bas^^rd keep the house and I moved away, it was supposed to have been sorted through solicitors (evidently it wasn't). A couple of years later, he disappeared off into the sunset, the house was repo'd, they couldn't find him so came after me. Am I the type of muppet you refer to?

-- (, November 01, 2002.

I have found a brilliant way to deal with idiots such as Andy just copy their email address then stick it on every website you can find then guess what he is not lonely any more and much too busy to come here!

-- david (, November 20, 2002.

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