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Beautiful MAAS Aero for sale, near-perfect condition, $1,500. Includes excellent oars. (Compare to new at $2,600 + tax not including oars!) Located in SF Bay Area. Reply by email or call David at (510) 271-2681 (day) or (510) 215-2783 (eve).

-- David Kippen (, October 30, 2002


This sounds interesting -- the price is good... but I'd have to factor in shipping, as I live in Massachusetts! You don't know how much it would cost to (securely) ship, do you?

... I'm still looking around. If I can get some shipping data, the next step would be to convince a friend of mine out there to take a look at it.

- Shaun

-- Shaun Cutts (, December 10, 2002.

Hi folks,

This boat sold some time ago. Don't know how to get this ad unlisted, or I would. Thanks, all, for the inquiries.


-- David Kippen (, August 18, 2003.

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