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why does calcite fizz when acid is put on it but other rocks do not fizz? and when it fizzes, does the mineral stay a mineral? what form or shape does it take on after having acid poured on it?

-- maureen kasperek (, October 30, 2002


Calcite fizzes when acid is applied to it because the elements inside of the calcite has a reaction to the elements inside of the acid. Other rocks don't fizz when acid is applied to it because there bonding may be stable enough that it doesn't need the elements or electrons inside the acid. While, the calcite does need some electrons from the acid, so that is why it has a reaction and fizzes. The mineral remains a mineral, but whatever part fizzes will change it's chemical composition. It doesn't change to any specific shape or form. If it does change it will be depending on what mineral and type of acid is applied.

-- christian ortiz (, October 30, 2002.

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