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I saw the blue/silver combination on photo, did ennyone see it for real,and is it as nice as on photo?

-- Robert Tammerijn (robert@tammerijn.nl), October 29, 2002


I have seen no. 50 of the 50 kits made (took some pics of it). It's an absolutely beautiful bike. On the triple clamp instead of the normal Italian flag, there is a solid gold plaque telling you which of the fifty you have. Also, on the fuel tank, is the signature of Massimo Tamburini, the MV's designer. Its at Piet Kruis Motors here in Holland. I bought the only "nero" black F4S in Holland from him (2002 model). He has also got an Oro in the shop as well as a Benelli Tornado. I had to pay a little extra for the black one, but it was worth it to me.

-- Bryan Thebodeau (CyWolf32@hotmail.com), October 29, 2002.

Yes, I've seen one "live". All the carbon (even the tank) is amazing and they are real works of art. The wheels even felt like feathers (I saw it both before and after the kit had been installed). The bike is very pretty but almost too flashy for my taste. The powder blue suede seat was just too much for me. I felt like whoever drives it should ride with a bright pink helmet. And keep in mind, it is just a "dressed up" stock F4 - no special performance parts, even though the stock one is nothing to sneeze at. To my taste, the Senna is a much classier and serious look. It also has the performance parts to make it really special. Just my 2 cents though - others may totally flip over the blue/silver and it would be one of only a very few.

-- Dave B (gdbdj@frontiernet.net), October 29, 2002.

don't know about the blue and silver one but I've got a yellow and white with gold wheels 'SPS-like' one for sale. Had new since 2000, mono. full UK model with full MVSH including all 'recalls and mods'. 7k miles and immaculate. Extras include: Blueflame titanium pipes and chip; black suede seat; polished top yoke, hangers, pegs etc; carbon front fender with gold mesh; carbon chain guard and hugger; carbon tank guard; micro LED rear indicators; tinted double bubble screen; frame plugs; datatool alarm; datatag security marking; stand and official cover. Only selling to fund Senna! Anyone interested?

-- Fraser Butters (fraser_butters@uk.bm.com), October 30, 2002.

hello,i've got lots of things to say about about the sp f4,but i don't have enought time,i'm just trying to post a picture!! my own f4 is going to be a blue and silver one because i really think that it's the pretiest version(i'm not sur about my english,sorry!!!)

-- dauly alex (alkatraxx@yahoo.fr), November 03, 2002.

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