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Please could someone kindly advise as to whether it is possible to get information for house prices in relation to the area in which one lived prior and after reposession in 1992 from the land registry and average house price sold during that period and also what is a reasonable settlement percentage on these shortfall cases, if one was fed up with not getting any info in realtion to alledged shortfall (36k) and now (23k) capital only after court appearance. i am fed up and feel i'm heading for another cardiac attack.Help

-- Mohammed Aleem (, October 29, 2002


you can email/write to Land Registry and list specific streets/roads and ask them to confirm what houses sales there were in a specific period of time. They will send you back a list of addressess (not house types) and what they sold for. There is a small charge for this but they will tell you how much if you e mail them before hand.

This is a really useful thing to do if you feel your house was undersold. It is even more useful if your house was on a newish estate where many of the house styles are the same.

It helped me demonstrate that the best price was not sought/achieved for my own house as several houses of the same type were sold for much more than mine was.

What you can also do is make contact with one of the people who bought a similiar/identical house at the same time yours was sold (from the Land Registry list) and check to see if they viwed or made an offer on your house. You can do this by checking the address on the Electoral Register (

I did this because I was told there had only been one offer on my house and when I got the list from the land registry, contacted one of the addresses listed, I found they had actually made two offers on my house, which were rejected.

Sorry if this is long winded but I hope it helps.


-- hanging in there! (, November 02, 2002.

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