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The HTML Coded Character Set

This list details the code positions and characters of the HTML document character set, specified in section SGML Declaration for HTML. This coded character set is based on [ISO-8859-1].

--------------  -----------
� -    Unused
	     Horizontal tab

     Line feed
 -    Unused

     Carriage Return
 -    Unused
!     Exclamation mark
"     Quotation mark
#     Number sign
$     Dollar sign
%     Percent sign
&     Ampersand
'     Apostrophe
(     Left parenthesis
)     Right parenthesis
*     Asterisk
+     Plus sign
,     Comma
-     Hyphen
.     Period (fullstop)
/     Solidus (slash)
0 - 9   Digits 0-9
:     Colon
&#59;     Semi-colon
<     Less than
=     Equals sign
>     Greater than
?     Question mark
@     Commercial at
A - Z   Letters A-Z
[     Left square bracket
\     Reverse solidus (backslash)
]     Right square bracket
^     Caret
_     Horizontal bar (underscore)
`     Acute accent
a - z  Letters a-z
{   Left curly brace
|   Vertical bar
}   Right curly brace
~   Tilde
 - Ÿ Unused
           Non-breaking Space
¡   Inverted exclamation
¢   Cent sign
£   Pound sterling
¤   General currency sign
¥   Yen sign
¦   Broken vertical bar
§   Section sign
¨   Umlaut (dieresis)
©   Copyright
ª   Feminine ordinal
«   Left angle quote, guillemotleft
¬   Not sign
­   Soft hyphen
®   Registered trademark
¯   Macron accent
°   Degree sign
±   Plus or minus
²   Superscript two
³   Superscript three
´   Acute accent
µ   Micro sign
¶   Paragraph sign
·   Middle dot
¸   Cedilla
¹   Superscript one
º   Masculine ordinal
»   Right angle quote, guillemotright
¼   Fraction one-fourth
½   Fraction one-half
¾   Fraction three-fourths
¿   Inverted question mark
À   Capital A, grave accent
Á   Capital A, acute accent
   Capital A, circumflex accent
à  Capital A, tilde
Ä   Capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
Å   Capital A, ring
Æ   Capital AE dipthong (ligature)
Ç   Capital C, cedilla
È   Capital E, grave accent
É   Capital E, acute accent
Ê   Capital E, circumflex accent
Ë   Capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ì   Capital I, grave accent
Í   Capital I, acute accent
Î   Capital I, circumflex accent
Ï   Capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ð   Capital Eth, Icelandic
Ñ   Capital N, tilde
Ò   Capital O, grave accent
Ó   Capital O, acute accent
Ô   Capital O, circumflex accent
Õ   Capital O, tilde
Ö   Capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
×   Multiply sign
Ø   Capital O, slash
Ù   Capital U, grave accent
Ú   Capital U, acute accent
Û   Capital U, circumflex accent
Ü   Capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ý   Capital Y, acute accent
Þ   Capital THORN, Icelandic
ß   Small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
à   Small a, grave accent
á   Small a, acute accent
â   Small a, circumflex accent
ã   Small a, tilde
ä   Small a, dieresis or umlaut mark
å   Small a, ring
æ   Small ae dipthong (ligature)
ç   Small c, cedilla
è   Small e, grave accent
é   Small e, acute accent
ê   Small e, circumflex accent
ë   Small e, dieresis or umlaut mark
ì   Small i, grave accent
í   Small i, acute accent
î   Small i, circumflex accent
ï   Small i, dieresis or umlaut mark
ð   Small eth, Icelandic
ñ   Small n, tilde
ò   Small o, grave accent
ó   Small o, acute accent
ô   Small o, circumflex accent
õ   Small o, tilde
ö   Small o, dieresis or umlaut mark
÷   Division sign
ø   Small o, slash
ù   Small u, grave accent
ú   Small u, acute accent
û   Small u, circumflex accent
ü   Small u, dieresis or umlaut mark
ý   Small y, acute accent
þ   Small thorn, Icelandic
ÿ   Small y, dieresis or umlaut mark

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-- (, October 28, 2002


Wednesday, Apr. 14, 2004 - 1:57 p.m.

(on the telephone)


Dad, I lost the bet, I have to go now. I'm just going to-I'm off to the USSR now. I'm packing yellow bags right now.


No, there must be some way I can intercede...let me call Officer Brown.



Hello? Officer Brown?


Yes? Who is it? Hold on...Sorry...Eric Camden Household...I just got this new caller id stuff. Never had it it before..


What is it? Caller id?


Caller id is a service that can only be enabled in Caller id enabled telephones. Caller id identifies whoever is calling me. Caller id tells me your name.


Really? Hold on.



Lucy, can i borrow your car phone?


Dad's it's called a 'cellphone'.


Then can I borrow your 'sail phone'?



Hello? Teenage Line, is that you?


HAHA, no, it's me Reverend Camden, Officer Brown. I'm calling from Lucy's phone.

OFFICER BROWN: So what is it you were calling about?


Oh yeah, yeah, Simon!! Simon's in trouble Officer Brown.


The kind of trouble involved in selling bogus stocks to elderly mobsters, getting tolt on, and then losing all the investments in a crap game fixed by the C.I.A. in hopes of leading the mob away from Columbian competition exanerated in exchange for pounds and pounds of cocaine.


I see.


My son's moving to the USSR. Can it be any worse??



Uh...Matt, orrr...


It wasn't Matt, it was Simon. The one with the more annoying face.


Oh yes, Simon. The thief right? He walked out on a restaurant bill in the episode with the Olsen twins.


REV.CAMDEN: YES! The middle-class's answer to the Hilton sisters!! Royalty indeed. I only had one scene with them but yes!! toot-toot, you can ring by belll, ring my bell, my belll, rootie-toot-toot!!

OFFICER BROWN: Oh me oh my oh Mary Poppins, Oh me oh my oh Mary Poppins, Oh me oh my oh Mary Poppins!!

-- (dfgu@ghsdjg.v), May 07, 2004.

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