tyres in organic garden

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recently we were given a book by annette mcfarlane on organic gardening. We have 13 huge trees (well over 10 m) on and around our property which is a large suburban block in brisbane. We need well raised beds and liked the look of the tyres to make them with. However we are concerend about the long term effects of the rubber in tyres. Does anyone have an idea about wheteher or not they can cause a problem. Thanks Rachel

-- rachel nei (liquidvit@yahoo.com), October 27, 2002



While we need more inovative ways to utalise tyres, they are hard to work with, damn ugly, and breed mozzies if not filled with soil. Raised beds are easier to achieve with sleepers, masonry or by mounding; in my opinion the best, as one can easily level the bed when not needed any more.

-- Simon CC (CCjjas@bigpond.com), October 28, 2002.

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