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I found an old Pavoni pull type expresso maker at a garage sale minus the metal coffee filter plus the handle that holds it. I've tried ones from other machines but they are too large. I'm sure there is a formal name for this part but I don't know what its called. I think that that the machine may also be missing a small metal grate to hold the coffee cup. I'd like to locate this part also. Its an old machine, chrome with a mottled brown base and a rubber bottom, it has a high and low setting. There is no pressure gauge on the machine. There is no model number or name on the machine. I'd appreciate any assistance you can offer.



-- Richard Tibor (, October 27, 2002


What you need is called a portafilter. If your machine is a chrome, or brass lever operated machine, you most likely have the Europicola model. Portafilters for this model can be purchased from

They are the US distributor of La Pavoni home espresso machines. Good luck, and enjoy your machine. If you want to SELL it, let me know!


-- Chad Christensen (, November 04, 2002.

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