4-8-4 Steam Locomotive

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I am trying to get a picture of all sides of the 4-8-4 locomotive that ACL used on their lines for a short period of time. I own a Con-Cor 4-8-4 and I am wanting to paint it ACL colors and the correct decals. I have checked everywhere and found out that they did purchase several of these locomotives but I cannot find any pictures. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give. Terry Tucker

-- Terry Tucker (Terry@tuckerstrainsupply.com), October 27, 2002



I have admired photos of these beauties in William Griffin's Book, "Atlantic Coast Line - The Standard Railroad of the South", Marceline, Mo: Walsworth Publishing Co., 2001. The Photos appear on pg.s 53-57.

Additional photos can be found in Paul Carleton's "Locomotive of the Seaboard System", Dunnellon, Florida: D. Carleton Railbooks, 1987. Pg. 14.

I assume that the "Prince" book would have additional photos. Good luck researching your project!

-- Mark Kuehler (qler@cfl.rr.com), October 27, 2002.

Terry....? The N Scale 4-8-4??? Gee, this isn't even close to an ACL R-1; it's a Great Northern engine. I noticed Con Cor lettered them for Santa Fe (way too small), Pennsy (they didn't have any); Southern (really didn't have any), UP and whatever else they thought would sell.

Or is this some HO model I'm not aware of?

-- Buck Dean (b.dean2@insightbb.com), October 27, 2002.

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