Divelbiss elevator controller

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I recently have run into several Divelbiss elevator controllers. I am looking for any information that will be helpful in trouble-shooting, adjusting or adding to these controllers. Please contact me so I may dicuss this with you.



-- Jon (jkh824@aol.com), October 23, 2002


A note on the Divelbiss

Go to http://www.divelbiss.com/main.htm for product information. If it is a private label product, you may have a problem getting information. It appears that a 2nd party may be using their components to manufacture an elevator control, just as Virginia Controls uses GE PLC's, Westmont and Montgomery uses Allen-Bradley, etc. If you get the manuals for the devices from them it will likely help you in troubleshooting, repair, and replacement of their components. The downside is that they probably cannot give you much insight as to how the software functions in the devices if it is proprietary information. So it may be helpful, but it won't solve all the problems. Good Luck!

-- S. (eastlion@pacbell.net), October 27, 2002.

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