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Can someone recommend me a good folk song collection for a young piano student with two years of study?


-- Linda (, October 22, 2002


It would be helpful to know what series your child is using and what level in the series. Children vary in their progress over two years.

-- Arlene Steffen (, October 23, 2002.


She's playing quite a few songs from Encore (Alfred), Essential Keyboard Repertoire Vol. 1, Burgmuller's 25 Easy & Progressive Studies (25 Etudes), Op. 100... Basically, I'm looking for music that is a bit easier than those listed for her sight playing aside from what she's been assigned from her formal study.

Thanks in advanced.

-- Linda (, October 23, 2002.

"Leila Fletcher - Music Lessons Has Begun" is the book I use to train my students for sight reading. I do not use this as the main primer because the layout is quite unattractive for young children( black & white ) but this book has many SIMPLE, familiar tunes. As I said, I use this book to train sight reading and because the pieces are simple, I can also concentrate on teaching tone production, memorisation and etc... rather than concentrating on the complexity of the notes.

Hope this helps !

-- Kathy Kok (, November 06, 2002.

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