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if a glacier melts instantly will the water cause a deadly flood !!!?1!?

-- paul roddy (, October 22, 2002


To me Paul you do know the answer to this question. If the glacier is huge I think it will. Because that will be a lot of water which will be forming from the frozen ice. So I think it will

-- Anthea Jeffrey (, October 29, 2002.

Yea....... for some reason I agree with the other person. I think you do know the answer to this question. But anyways.....The answer is it can. It depends on ont he amount of water that is melted and how much is transported into the groundwater. If the water transports to the groundwater at a slow rate the water on the ground will be there for along time and that may cause a deadly flood!!! But if it rapidly moves to the groundwater I don't think you will have to worry about a deadly flood!!!! maybe just a small flood.

-- christian ortiz (, October 30, 2002.

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