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I have now received a letter requesting me to contact the above in relation to capital shortfall only of 23,150.00.This was initially over 36K prior to court appearance in sept to set aside s/d served.i was seeking help and thought that with the s/d thrown out by the district judge this was the end.what steps do i take in response,as i have already said in court that the debt is barred in relation to time etc and statement provided was full of massaged figures.please help with suggestions and advise as am very worried.

-- Liam Aleem (, October 22, 2002


If the S/D was rejected by the judge, then I don't think there is anything stopping the lender from chasing you by other means. You could ask the court for a copy of the judge's decision and see what it actually says - did the judge agree with you that the debt is time barred?

The same advice applies as in all shortfall cases - get full documentary evidence from the lender and question everything that doesn't make sense. Further advice is available on other pages on this site, do please read it.

-- pendle (, October 22, 2002.

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