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I am unable to get the notes and backgrounder for Tuesday. If anyone has please let me know?

-- Eileen Miras (, October 21, 2002


The lecture notes are there -- download the "Minerals" notes. I thought the backgrounder was there, too, but I see it isn't! Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I will try to post it tonight. There won't be any questions for you to answer for lab, since it is being posted so late. Sorry about the delay on the backgrounder!

-- Sharon Gabel (, October 21, 2002.

I posted the backgrounder for tomorrow (10/22) and Thursday's labs. There are NO QUESTIONS to answer before lab. Just read the backgrounder and bring it to lab with you.

-- Sharon Gabel (, October 21, 2002.

the notes have yet to be out up so don't worry becuase we are probably going to just finish up the notes we started on thursday.

-- Vanessa Azevedo (, October 21, 2002.

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