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Hello following various letters from NCO Debt recovery (Birmingham)in relation to a shortfall claim from the B & W for 22k i decided to s.a.r.n them, i received a reply that they would gather all documentation and forward it to me promptly. This was on the 24/7/2002, it is now mid october and i have received nothing. until today i received another letter from the debt recovery firm stating that their clients (B & W)would accept 15k as a one off final payment to settle the shortfall claim. Do i reply telling them i am still awaiting documentation, get in touch with IC or s.a.r.n them again ??? Please can someone help as they have told me to reply and accept by the 29/10/2002 !!

-- mark beville (, October 21, 2002


Reply and accept by the 29th or what?! Remember that you are under no obligation to reply by given dates or provide information to them - only the courts can force you to do something.

You don't mention who you SARN'd, the Debt Recovery company or B&W. Assuming its the lender, then its already been admitted that your SARN notice has been received, and they've not complied so make a complaint immediately to the Information Commissioner.

If the lender hasn't fully justified their claim and answered all your questions, then there is little point in trying to settle through NCO. Obviously by SARN'ing the lender you still have questions unanswered. So perhaps you could write to NCO, acknowledging receipt of their letter and say that you're dealing with the lender directly. There is no point in negotiating a settlement until you've got an idea yourself of your liability.

-- pendle (, October 21, 2002.

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