What are the differences and similarities between volcanos and Geysers?

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I am doin a project and i wanted to no the differerences between volcanos and geysers can u help me?

-- Carly Johnston (Gymnasticsangl02@aol.com), October 20, 2002


Just to warn you im not a pro on this subject. One main difference is that when a volcano erupts it can be unpridictable and destructive. Also it spews out lava, molten rock or magma, that builds up underneath the earth's surface. Geysers are mildly simmilar, however, they can be much more predictable and aren't as destructive. They also erupt but they spew out hot water that has been buliding up underneath the earth's surface. Geysers can be dangerous if observed at a close distance, the water is extreamly hot. However it can be very entertaining, for example there is the famous geyser at yosemity national park, i believe the name of it is ol' faithful, and it goes off every 1/2 hour or hour. this shows that they are predictable and spectators view this natural wonder from a safe distance. i hope i was able to help in some way good luck!

-- Melissa Ruiz (Ruiz@oswego.edu), November 12, 2002.

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