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If someone could please help answer my question I would be very grateful. Would the Woolwich Building society hold the original mortgage tittle deed for a property that I bought between 1994/1995.


-- David Stennett (, October 19, 2002


You need to distinguish between the mortgage deed and the title deed. There's actually been quite a lot of previous discussion on this site about deeds - try looking down the Q&A (maybe as far back as a year ago or more), and also check out the section called 'Repossession', the part about why lenders refuse to supply documents. There's a useful snippet in there about deeds.

-- Eleanor Scott (, October 19, 2002.

Thank you Eleanor for your reply, it would be the mortgage deed they my question refers to. Could you comment any further on my question.


-- David Stennett (, October 19, 2002.

A lot of users of this site, who loosely conglomerated into the 'mortgage shotfall support group' and gained some useful publicity and parliamentary suport, did a deal of research on this issue a year or two ago. The good stuff is all on the site, courtesy of Lee. Please go to 'Site Map', and type 'mortgage deed' into the search box. You'll find a lot of information identified, which it will be (I would imagine) beneficial for you to read.

I know it's a slog, but the read-research-fight route served me well, and helped me not only maintain my credibilty and integrity throughout the whole 'debt' claim debacle, but also helped me help others too.

Everyone's case is different, however - there are no 'pat' solutions - which makes the reaserching of one's own 'defense' (ie refutating the lender's arguments against you) essential. How do you refute an argument? Demand evidence of the opponent's stance. If someone throws as argument at you out of the blue, it's incumbent upon them to prove it, IMHO.

-- Eleanor Scott (, October 21, 2002.

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