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The former Laurens-Greenville branch of the C&WC/ACL/SCL was spun off as excess during the CSX transitition period. The property was picked up by the Carolina Piedmont and has subsequently been absorbed by Rail America. When I worked for SCL in 1978/79, the line was worked by a single GP-38-2, usually SCL 545. when this unit was sent to Florence the job was protected by two GP-7's. When Carolina Piedmont started operations they used Paducah rebuild GP-10's. Currently two GP-38's #'s 3890 and 3891 see daily service, handling an average of 20 cars through Fountain Inn toward East Greenville. Can any one describe the lineage of these locomotives?

Steve Kamp, Fountain Inn, S.C.

-- Steve Kamp (, October 17, 2002


I did a frame number check on the 3891 and it has a serial# of 36041 which makes it ex-SOU/NS 2793

You can see photos of the locomotives here:

-- Tim Huemmer (, February 08, 2003.

Steve, The Carolina Piedmont's newest power, GP38s, 3890 and 3891, are difficult to trace due to their constant roster shifts, however, I know of one unit's heritage. CPR GP38 #3890 hales from Southern Rwy. Initially built in 1970 and then placed under GS&F control for tax purposes, the unit was transferred to NS at the merger in 1982. Below is the roster info as well as build dates for you.

3890 GP38 EMD (36069, 3/70) x-SOU 2821, NS 2821) 3891 GP38 EMD - not known to me.

I would suggest that you might post this question to Carolina Rails as they specialize in this matter. It can be located at Yahoogroups.

Take care and hope I've helped, Justin May

-- justin may (, October 17, 2002.

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