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I am interested in contacting a nurse in Spain about some of the issues there. I am interested in moving there after graduation. Thank you. Ramona Pittman

-- Ramona Pittman (, October 17, 2002


Greetings Amie,

- Does anyone know if doctors orders and nursing is primarily communicated via spanish? -

Why would they communicate in a language other than their own ( Spanish).

Try the following sites to help you get started …

ICU in Barcelona

Sí, Spain

good luck


-- victor (, April 28, 2003.

For those who can read spanish the following site has much information.



Antonio y Bea

For those that do not ... where do you plan to practice with out communication ?

-- Victor F. (, November 30, 2003.

Dear Ramona,

I am a Canadian nurse that has just moved to Madrid as my husband's job is here. I was wondering if you could share with me some information on nursing in Spain. I would welcome the help! Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Pearl Hui

-- Pearl Hui (, January 14, 2003.


-- james (, April 07, 2003.

please let me know what it takes for me to qualify to pratice nursing in spain.

-- james okon akpan (, April 07, 2003.

Could someone tell me if it is difficult to get licensed to work as a RN in Madrid, Spain? There is a high possibility that I may move there. Does anyone know if doctors orders and nursing is primarily communicated via spanish? My Spanish is very limited and I am trying to learn it. My guess is that English is probably not an option?? thanks amie

-- Amie St. Laurent (, April 24, 2003.

I am not from spain but I am also interested in working there as a nurse. Im a licensed nurse in the Philippines and I believed doctors order are written in spanish. Maybe there are hospitals that uses english as their medium of instruction. Pls Romana if you get more info on how to qualify working in spain as a nurse pls share it with me.

-- Elizabeth C. Balatayo (, January 06, 2004.

I am a british qualified nurse who lives in Benidorm in Spain. There are many expatriates living in this area particulary Calpe. You can find work within the Private sector speaking English but you MUST learn Spanish to earn a good salary within the hospitals. You also have to become a legal practitioner and register with the Univeristy of education and science in Madrid. Your transcripts and qualification certificate must be translated into Spanish and you will recieve a personal identification number issued by Madrid. You will also recieve information regarding PREP. I wish you luck. Janine

-- Janine (, March 20, 2004.

I am also intending to move to Spain and am a qualified nurse but would appreciate any information about nursing in Spain as an English speaking person but who is willing to learn Spanish ASAP.

Thanks for any info.

-- Sam Bond (, June 02, 2004.

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