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So I finally took all the bodywork off my bike and looked hard at what would be required to take off the radiators. What I found is that it may be possible to just remove the bottom radiator and dump it out. There may be a little extra fluid in the top one after that, but maybe not much, and it looks like more of a pain to get off than just the bottom one. Has anyone tried just taking off the bottom one?

Of course, my other option is just to flush the thing out 10 times or so with clear water and then add the engine ice, which is something I'm considering as well.

-- Andy Ruhl (, October 16, 2002


My dealer confirmed to me that it's much easier to take both radiators off than just one, and he gave me some pointers. Maybe I can document the experience with my digital cam and put it up...

-- Andy Ruhl (, October 17, 2002.

Why do that when we can just refer to the service manual? Oh wait, there isn't one! ;)

Ok, all sarcasm aside, please do. I've also been wondering how hard it would be to take off the radiators. I'm considering replacing the headers with the MV Special Parts headers.

-- Brad Cowell (, October 21, 2002.

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