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What is the status of the project with American Model Builders to produce a kit of SAL depots? It was expected about 3 years ago.

-- Jim Roquemore (, October 16, 2002



Latest news is that the SAL station is in the works. AMB anticipates a pre-prodcution mock-up sometime this coming month. Another suprise from AMB is that they are also working on a second version of the ACL No.2 depot - short length (1 warehouse door per side) with the office and warehouse on the same level - good for anyone modeling an ACL branchline or secondary mainline.

AMB also mentioned the possibility of introducing limited run kits that will only be available direct from AMB. The goal is to increase both the rate of production and variety of models available. With that in mind, what types of ACL and SAL structures are the members interested in seeing? Produce sheds? Lineside structures? Any particular style of depot?

-- Buddy Hill (, October 23, 2002.

Thanks, Buddy. Just so they don't forget about us. I'm getting kinda old.

-- Jim Roquemore (, October 17, 2002.


A data package containing drawings and photos was submitted to AMB about 3-4 years ago. Unfortunately, AMB bumped our project back a couple of years in order to complete models already in the pipeline as well as produce models for the more popular railroads. Recent email traffic with AMB indicates that our project is back on track and I believe delivery will be sometime in 2003. Will let the board know as soon as I find out the actual delivery date.

-- Buddy Hill (, October 17, 2002.

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