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i go to a catholic high school... and my spanish teacher is like 25. and i'm scared to death of him. i dunno, he just gives me a weird vibe. and i know this isnt a support-group message board but i'm seriously terrified of my spanish teacher. i have no idea why. everyone else thinks he's the COOLEST teacher, and he really is... but i'm still scared of him. today when i walked into his class i saw him and i couldnt breathe. and i was coughing like the whole class cuz i couldnt catch my breath. i ended up crying on the desk because i had no idea what to do... he SCARES me. and i cant do a THING about it. any suggestions?

-- Emily~*~ (, October 16, 2002


Well, since I was anointed the 'voice of experience' a while back, let me give it a shot...

" i have no idea why. everyone else thinks he's the COOLEST teacher, and he really is."

So does that last part there mean you think he is cool? I did not get that...if you think he is cool, then I don't really get why you would be scared of him...

But if you are just plain scared of him and he gives you the creepy vibe, well, some people just do that at times...being in theatre, I've met some INCREDIBLY creepy people (and even dated a few lol), and sometimes you just have do deal with the creepiness until you can get away from it. I deal with it by mainly ignoring that since this is your teacher, it would be hard to ignore if it were me, I would just go there, be extremely quiet and do my work, and just try to get the class over with as best I could...if he starts calling on you to do things and stuff, do what you feel is comfortable, but if you don't want to do something because it is not comfortable, then say that. Life is full of creepiness, it isn't all in movies starring Neve Campbell or J. Love Hewitt. The only thing you can do sometimes is deal with it, and more often than not that will make you stronger. By dealing with it I mean just suck it up and hang in there...if you have friends in that class or that have him in other classes talk to them...if they get the same vibe you may want to think about trying to get out of that particular class, or talk to a counselor about it. I hope this is some kind of help...I never was a girl in high school (not counting this one time...oh never mind) so I can't really know how it is...Good luck Emily!

-- Mic (, October 16, 2002.

Is he attractively creepy??? Is it like a TURN ON creepy??? Or is it like a YOU'RE REALLY WEIRD DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING ME kinda weird. Cause I had an english teacher when I was a Senior who was like 26 I think and his wife had been recently killed in a car accident and he gave off that weird vibe, but I think it was him coping with his wifes death. Other than that he was MAJORLY cool!!! He took everyone on a field trip and let the students eat at HOOTERS and got into some MUCHO trouble about it. Not the fact it was HOOTERS but the fact that they served Alcohol there. Which I think is MAJOR B/S cause My spanish teacher took us to The Lazy Donkey (El Jackass Holgazán for fun LOL!) and they served alcohol there....... Think he was a new young teacher and this IS the South and they were just LOOKING for a way to fire him, which they didn't....

Anyway....answer these few questions and maybe we'll have better advice LOL!

-- Amanda (, October 18, 2002.

yeah, he is attractively creepy. i just keep telling myself that his head is too round.

-- Emily ~*~ (, October 19, 2002.

HEHEHEHEHE HIS HEAD IS TOO ROUND LOL! I have the answer to your problem!:

Picture Charlie Brown every time you look at him LOL!

-- Amanda (, October 21, 2002.

i found a better solution... i DONT look at him! but now he stands in front of my desk. damn its hard to look distracted.

-- Emily~*~ (, October 25, 2002.

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