VVVF Baldor Drive ID15H220E ( HW Desaturation Fault )

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HELP! Please, this problem is driving us crazy.

We have a four Baldor Drive Model:ID15H220E installed on a group of modernizated elevators, the drives have been working for aproximately 7500 hours each (since 1 year ago) all the drives are having the following problem the keypad screen is showing a fault that says "HW DESATURATION".

Does anybody know something about a desing problem of this drive and causes this fault. Because one of this drives has been damaged and internally it has one resistor burned (R22) and this caused damages other closer boards and it damaged the IGBT that bypasses the burned resistor mentioned before.

Elevator technical data:

Hoist Motor: 15HP - 230V - 37,1 Amp - 1170 RPM Dynamic braking resistor: 6,3 ohms - 1200 watts Speed: 1,5 meters per second Acceleration time: 2 seconds Deceleration time: 1,8 seconds

Any answers will be very appreciated because we canīt get technical support of Baldor drives here in Venezuela.

-- Florentino De Pasquale (fdpelectronica@cantv.net), October 15, 2002


We are a Authorized Baldor Sales and Service Facility,specializing in Elevator Applications. We are located just outside of Orlando Florida international airport in the city of Cape Canaveral.

The "HW DESATURATION" fault indicates a high output current condition has been detected (Greater than 400% of the rated rated output current) On B2 sized controls the error can indicate any of the following : Low line impedance, brake transistor failure or internal output transistor overtemperature.

We can repair your defective drive or sell you a new one. You can contact us via email or through our web site eciamerica.com or by phone 321-783-5858 and speak with a bilingual technician in spanish.

Sincerely, Walter Barnes

-- Walter Barnes (waltjr@eciamerica.com), December 22, 2003.

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