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For glaciers to move it must be heavy, so what if houses are built on a mountain where glaciers are fromed at the top of that mountain, will the ice crush the houses?

-- Anthea Jeffrey (, October 15, 2002


If the glacier moves and hits the house you can kiss the house goodbeye. but I wouldn't recomend building your house on the side of a steep mountain under a glaciers path. But then again thats just me :]

-- Paul Roddy (, October 21, 2002.

First of all why would you build a house on top of a mountain????If someone built a house on top of a mountain they are just looking to die.It would be impossible to build a house on top of a mountain. If somehow you was magistically build a house on a mountain, you can bet you will come home one day and your will will be on the bottom of that mountain eroded and crushesd.

-- christian ortiz (, October 22, 2002.

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