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Hi all. This is to let every one know that custom mini levers are now available. I use the two finger method for braking and changing gears and these levers work and look the part. I will never be able to go back to stock levers. They retain full adjustability and are very resonable in price. I have pics but I don't know how to post them. Maybe Andy Ruhl can help me with that. If not, you can e-mail me and I will send you pics and more info on other custom parts. Thanks Kevin Orlando, Fl

-- kevin warner (, October 13, 2002


Email the pics to If you send them to my yahoo account, it won't take them. I'll stick them up on my site and post them here.

-- Andy Ruhl (, October 13, 2002.

Got the pics from Kevin, they look pretty neat.

-- Andy Ruhl (, October 14, 2002.

What is the price and how can you order/get them. I snapped lately my clutch lever and it will take a while untill MV will have them shipped I believe.


-- hb (, October 14, 2002.

Those levers look the nuts. Where do you get them? How much?

-- Tony Beckwith (, October 15, 2002.

I am very sorry guy's buy after getting the go ahead to post the lever's for sale from the guy who made them, He has since changed his mind. I don't know what to say other than Sorry. If I knew he would change his mind I would not of posted them. I believe the reason was that "They are a pain in the ass to make" He's a nice guy and talented craftsmen, It's just not worth the money or time to him. If you must have them then I can forward the contact info to you and I'm sure arrangements can be made. Again I am sorry for any confusion.

-- Kevin Warner (, October 15, 2002.

Hallo Kevin would still be interested in following up on those trick levers.I understand the makers comments and on the basis of a hand made / labour intensive costing would still be interested in getting a price. Could you forward me contact details? Tony B.

-- Tony Beckwith (, October 16, 2002.

No Problem, I'll E-mail you off line with his info. He's A cool guy and I'm sure he'll work with you.

-- Kevin Warner (, October 16, 2002.

Kevin, can you post here where he got the levers from before he crafted them? Are these standard MV Nissin levers or did he order them somehwere else. As the reason they silver coloured. I am looking for replacement as mentioned above


-- hb (, October 22, 2002.

The levers were crafted 100% from a block of aluminum using the stock levers for measurements. I think this is why he changed his mind.

-- Kevin Warner (, October 23, 2002.

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