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Anyone interested in some seeds? I could trade or even just SASE, as I've got plenty. I'll mention a few things that spring to mind, if anyone is interested, I'll post a longer list. That time of year, righ?! :-)

Mimosa tree Catalpa tree Persimmon Maybe PawPaw, have to check Echinachea Clematis(not sure, it's LARGE white) Sweet Chelsea cherry Tom.(Love this heirloom!) Grape Tom. Bowl gourd Dipper gourd Miniature Hollyhock Standard Hollyhock/mixed colors --------------------------

For starters

Oh, does anyone know how to collect seeds from hostas???

-- Patty (, October 13, 2002


oops sorry, I forgot Lucenet smooches everything together unless you double space.

-- Patty (, October 13, 2002.

Patty, What is the Sweet Chelsea cherry Tom? You say you love it and I am not sure what it is. I may be interested in that and would like some of the dipper gourds, maybe a persimmon. I will have to check my seeds and see what I have. We had a drought all summer so my seed stocks are low Thanks for the offer Joanie

-- Joanie (, October 17, 2002.

Hi Joanie,

Sweet Chelsea is a cherry tomatoe that is very similar to Sweet 100, or Sweet Million. It supposedly resists cracking better than those. (I actually grow both SC & S100.) It's extremely prolific, and bears huge clusters of sweet fruit. A vining tomatoe that gets tall, mine easily grows 12 feet on an arbor. I think they are quite pretty, as well. I plant quite a few along my "chore route", folks love to grab a handful as they pass. :-)

I love tomatoes, can you tell? I grow quite a few varietys and favor an old time "acidic" flavor. You know,....that sun warmed tomatoe you remember eating as a child. (It's actually not acid content, but sugar that affects taste, just a little trivia for ya.)

Here is a quote from this article,

"Some of the best dwarf tomatoes, which are perfect for containers or small urban backyard gardens, include Florida Petite, Red Robin, Sweet Chelsea, Small Fry and Bush Early Girl, a two foot tall tomato plant that produces six to seven ounce fruits. Sweet 100 is considered by many to be the ultimate cherry tomato to grow."

As for a trade, don't worry about it! These are really common seeds and I have tons! Just email me if you are interested.

Oh, I also have a bunch of Butterfly Bush seeds. (Sorry, I'm really bad with Latin names!) It just got done blooming, what a show! Vivid purple flowers, huge and bushlike, a perennial that the bee's, butterflys and hummingbirds love.

-- Patty (, October 18, 2002.

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