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I want to listen to a telephone conversation I had with the Bank. They record calls, they say on the annoying message, and I have asked for proof of what I said in a call (which they've written as a complete lie). Their Miss Scrivens, has wrote I said I was not prepared to assist any more, when I said I needed another week to obtain the loan from my father.

They are now saying, that I am not entitled to it? Is that true. I believe this call holds a key of there lies they've written and I need to for the FOS.

-- Biggles aka Perfect world (, October 12, 2002


Hmmm, seems to me that someone has listened to that tape and decided that it will cause a lot of problems. I would personally take a peek at the Information Commissioner's website, the HMSO, for a copy of the DPA. I would also check prepare my solicitor for "disclosure" of that specific item. All data recorded by a company that refers to a specific individual should be able to be seen by that individual. John

-- John (, October 13, 2002.

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