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OK, I'm an utter fan of martial arts choreography, particularly when done well. I've watched the greats like Iron Monkey, Fist of Legend and Drunken Master 2 dozens of times over, honestly liking them more and more every time. With China Town action of this calibre, when the fighting starts, its like a dance, more intricate, technical, unpredictable and explosive than most any other choreographed movement you'd see (IMO).

Obviously learning how to better appreciate any kind of technique and execution is a good way to heighten the satisfaction of what entertainment can be gained, ie. Strokes in Tennis, Form in ballet, Structure in writing, Footwork in boxing, Depth in animation. "Lovely Back Hand!!".

People like Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan devote themselves to becoming versed in the mental and physical complexities of Kung Fu. What hey bring to the screen (that the camera can pick up) is the application of beautifully refined techniques and execution, so varied, fast (undercranked), and intricate that you can far from see it all upon initial viewing. This works anyway because things like flurries of movement help enhance the intensity of such fantastical combat, kind of like DBZ only sooo much better. Better, because the more you look at it, the more you can see. One of the reasons why these guys become successful has to do with how they incorporate accessible rhythms and patterns inside movement. But the more I watch it all, I see layers upon layers of detail, rhythms inside rhythms, emotional expressions, enigmatic physical achievements, assorted technique variations, personality reflections, revelatory adaptations, detailed progressive climaxes, uncanny grace…Seriously: The apotheosis of ungodly hand to hand combat! I try and take in as much as I can of it all; I've nearly had tears in my eyes before.

Some people say creativity comes of struggle, well how about the struggle between animals for physical dominance, the struggle to LIVE!! How's that as a basis for creativity?

-- Sam (, October 11, 2002


..a common basis for evoloution as well..

-- Sam (, October 13, 2002.

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